Tips To Drive ROI Of Email Marketing Campaigns

Marketers are constantly challenged to prove the effectiveness of their strategies. CMOs, managers, and CEOs are willing to get educated about what impact marketing activities have on the company’s extremity. Marketers are supposed to think about the effectiveness of their strategies and weigh the prices with results. The marketing strategies that directly impact the company’s revenue stream, like email marketing, should be at the top of the mind. If the marketers deploy an effective strategy, the email is still considered the number one digital channel for ROI. Investing money and valuable time into an email marketing campaign can prove expensive if marketers haven’t established the right strategy.

Tips to Improve the Email Marketing ROI

Here are email marketing tips that can help improve your ROI.

1) Personalize, Personalize, Personalize

Personalization has become obligatory. If the marketer’s brand isn’t setting up personalized email campaigns at this point, they’re missing the mark. Not just that, they’re losing ground with their prospective and current customers as well. Customers now request personalization, and if the brand is unable to deliver it, they will find another one that can. If marketers added a layer of personalization to emails, it enhances the recipient’s experience and boosts higher ROI. Email personalization works:

  • When marketers provide personalized experiences. On average, their sales increase up to 20%
  • Personalized emails drive increased conversions by 10% and click-through rates by 14%
  • Personalization emails drive 6x more transactions

The more personalized segmented marketers can get with their campaigns, the more they can enhance commitment with prospective and current customers.

2) Tailor Rewards & Promotions

Customers are looking forward to feeling that the brands have a whole idea about them. They want products and deals shaped explicitly for them and presented to them in the exact moments they desire to have them. The name of the game is personalization. The more marketers can propose some personalization in the email marketing strategies, the more ROI they generate from these campaigns. Tailoring rewards, promotions, and programs suiting specifically to customers will make them feel like they are getting that truly personal, often customized experience they crave, such as incentive recommendations, etc. Incentives and promotions are usually rolled out in a ‘one-size-fits-all’ to all the customers – one deal for every customer, irrespective of their buying behavior. However, what if one customer prefers free shipping over a 10% discount? Marketers may miss the opportunity to drive them to convert. Individualized incentives permit marketers to modify discounts and deals for a particular customer, boost personalization for the customer, and fuel improved sales and prove ROI.

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