Unleashing The Power Of Retargeting In B2B

Ever wondered why people “open” your emails in your email campaigns, but why don’t they contact you?


Why do people never click the CTA, email, or fill out that form on your website?

Well! The reasons could be many. They may be shopping around, researching a particular topic, or just casually browsing. The reason could be any, but the fact of the matter is that they’ve wandered now. And if you want to re-direct them back, retargeting you the opportunity to remarket yourself back again and make that second impression. The reason why remarketing proves to be useful is that more than half of the buying process is already over. So when a prospect reaches out to the sales rep, his mind is almost made upon if he wants to make that purchase or not. It’s believed that as compared to other marketing tactics, remarketing tends to convert nearly 50 % of web traffic. Converting the window shoppers into customers is what retargeting does!

With marketing having its 2 main objectives, i.e

1) Building awareness and recognition of your brand

2) Encouraging return visits and search inquiries

And if you think if it works for B2B, it most certainly does. And one of the most prominent reasons is because the purchase journey is more drawn out in B2B as compared to B2C. It is because decision-making in B2B is relatively more time consuming, and business decisions are not made lightly. Typically, there are multiple decision-makers involved, with approvals to get and considerable budgets to consider- in which case, retargeting is an excellent way for brands to stay afloat and remain in the front sight. At the same time, businesses take their time to reach a decision.

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